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Annie's April Art Walk Artist: Elisheva Cieslewitz

Artist statement:
"Born in Paradise Valley, Montana and then moved with her mother to and sisters to California. She grew up in Fresno and was fortunate enough to spend a good amount of time in the redwoods and at Yosemite National Park. these colossal scenes helped shaped her world view and the direction her art would take. She is currently residing in Seattle  and draws inspiration from both the vibrancy of the people and the quiet parks and natural places that become sanctuaries away from the noise of city life. In art, she attempts to capture fleeting moments of life,  drawing a contrast between the paradox of humanity's temporal nature and the idea the there is more to life than just out physical experiences. Humans are powerful force on our environment, and can often do more harm than good. Art becomes a way for her to confront these difficult subjects and process the loss of beauty and life."


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